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Deliveries to countries outside the European Union may be subject to import duties and/or taxes, which are charged once the products reach your country of destination. All such charges are your responsibility. L'autre Camille has no control over additional charges to customs clearance. If you refuse the package, for this reason, customs authorities may charge L'autre Camille an administration fee, and this fee will be deducted from the requested refund amount. You may check with your local customs officials or post office for more information regarding importation taxes/duties that may apply to your online order.

Return Policy L'autre Camille
Hey you!
Not quite satisfied with your order? No problem at all! Check our return policy below to see if your order meets these conditions!
  1. Returns can be made within 14 days, including weekend days after receipt of your package

  2. The garments must be unworn, undamaged and odorless. Clothing on which stains are found will also not be accepted for return.

  3. All labels must still be attached. If this label is removed, we cannot return. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. All accessories, such as; mouth masks, headgear (like hats), socks and anything else that falls under accessories will NOT be accepted
Contact us as soon as possible after receiving your purchase, stating clearly why you want to return, your name and order number, at the e-mail address . If you want to exchange your item this is also possible. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible. You will receive a return form which you can add to your package.

Your purchase package always includes this Return Form, so you do not need to print it out, just fill it in clearly;

Example of return form

Complete this return form that we will send you if you wish to return your purchase. Then add this form to your return package.

8: Please return your package with this completed form, the cost of return and shipping risk are on your own responsibility. Unless it is a faulty delivery made by us, then we will take the cost. RETURNS ONLY TO THIS ADDRESS: Belseledorp 159, 9111 Belsele, Belgium.

9: Does your return package meet the above conditions and we have received your return package within 14 days, including weekends, then we will refund your purchase price as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings Camille