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About L'autre Camille

When you enjoy buying clothes
for your children more than for yourself, you know you’re passionate.


Fashion has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. You have to admit, you never get tired of
beautiful clothing. After years of shopping for myself, the first clients of my personal shopping services came skipping by. Literally, because five children, they skip quite a bit. All with their own fashion desires and needs, I had my hands more than full. In addition to my closet contents, my dreams of doing more with my passion for children’s fashion grew as well.

So, first, I decided to tackle the problem of the growing closet contents by selling old clothes on the second hand platform Vinted. I couldn't resist turning each package I sent out into a little "box of happiness". I added a little thank you note, a personal message, beautiful packaging... And it was a success. The project was not only a fantastic expression of my creativity, but it also provoked great reactions from the new clothing owners.

My closet contents dwindled, if you didn't count those new purchases, of course. But those dreams, on the other hand, only grew more because of my Vinted adventure. Instead of selling the entire wardrobe of husband and children - and believe me, I had to restrain myself - I decided it was time for the big move. L'autre Camille.



So, five children skip around
my house daily, as I mentioned earlier. A beautiful blend of children and plus children, love and fun. They are my greatest inspiration, my driving force. The reason for my hair standing on end. Of emotion and, occasionally, frustration. The bringers of unconditional love and pervasive concern. The center of our lives.

But why L’autre Camille?

After four boys, and several testosterone-filled years, a miracle happened. I gave birth to a baby girl, Camille. The ultimate icing on the family cake. It was with enormous pleasure that we watched Camille grow up and develop her own little personality. Or rather, personality. Camille could be seen as the odd man out. Our princess on a skateboard. One of the guys, but still a girl at heart. And if the past few years have taught us one thing, it's that Camille should, above all, be who she wants to be. Just like any other child. And as much as I hope she will one day dance Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, I will be just as proud if she is the star of our local Kontich soccer team.

Children should have the freedom to discover who they are. Have the freedom to be curious and be able to develop themselves in their own personal way. Because every child is different. And every child is great the way they are.

L'autre Camille stands for that discovery. For diversity, being able and allowed to be different. Allowing
children to develop and live their biggest dreams, in a world where being themselves is normal.


I have to admit something else. A guilty pleasure I definitely wanted to incorporate into L'autre Camille. Twinning. I think I speak for a lot of parents when I say that twinning is awesome. Matching colors and subtly wearing the same outfit, to feel that connection with your son/daughter/cousin/niece through clothing. With L'autre Camille, I want to bring this feeling of connection in a sober and subtle way. Clothes that are beautiful and cute for twinning, but also just stylish when you go out alone.


With a family of 7, we could never say that our carbon footprint is small. We are immensely aware of that. But I do want to bring the message that every little bit of effort makes a difference. By taking into account what clothes we wear, how and with what products we wash, among other things, we try to do our bit for the environment. We only offer sustainable clothing, made from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials so you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing when you or your child wears L'autre Camille clothing.